We specialize in foreign company incorporations and immigration procedures. Our goal is to help businesses and people settle down in the leading South-American country.


• Legal Advice and Business Viability.
• Foreign Investor ID.
• Foreign Company Incorporation in Chile.
• Brand/Trade Mark Registration
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Accounting Services and IRS declarations.



• How can a foreign company start operating in Chile?
• What is the procedure to incorporate a Branch or Agency?
• How do I establish an autonomous Chilean Corporation?
• What’s next after I have incorporated my company?
• What is the “Foreign Investor ID” ?


About Us

“Vivir en Chile,” are leading experts in business incorporation procedures. Based in Santiago de Chile, our team of lawyers and accountants plan and execute foreign investment operations. Our mission is to give professional assistance to all that see Chile as an opportunity, we believe in open borders and global opportunities.




column2-image1FOR COMPANIES

We work with entrepreneurs and established businesses in the planning and implementation of different operations including company incorporations, establishment of branch and agency, international contracts and agreements, Chilean labor and tax law, amongst others. We work with our clients by effectively communicating  the requirements and procedures step by step, so they can make decisions with the appropriate information. [More Information…]

column2-image1FOR PEOPLE

We guide and manage the Visa and Permit applications for individuals or family groups that are looking to work or start a business in the country. Our professional immigration services are geared to help making the whole process safe and easier for each client’s needs. [More Information…]

column2-image1OTHER SERVICES

As dynamic a field as corporate and immigration law is, our experts are always on the forefront of the latest trends and legal changes the country might experience. And as such, our legal offerings will always encompass the most up-to-date information and methods. [More Information…]


Residence Obtainment through Investment in Chile.

Briefly, the “Temporal Residence Visa in Investor’s quality” is the special residence permit that the Chilean state gives to the foreigner that has done an investment in Chile or has a plausible investment plan.

What does RUT, RUN, CI, CPF or SSN mean in Chile?

For every foreigner, the terminologies RUT, RUN, CI, CPF or SSN, might cause confusion when residing in Chile. This happens due to the fact that every country uses their own nomenclature…

Opportunities for development and investment of renewable energies in Chile.

Chile has taking a leading position relative to its neighbor countries in terms of renewable energies over the las decades. This behavior is basically attributed to…

5 reasons why Chile is the regional leader in entrepreneurship.

According to the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Index, Chile ranks in the 18th position of the world ranking with 58,8 points…

Lithium opportunities in Chile.

Chile has a competitive advantage over the other producers mainly because of the amount of lithium found in its territory; which according to the “U.S. Geological Survey, Mineral Commodity Summaries 2016” accounts for over 54% of the worldwide reserves…

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