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1911, 2019

Visa Subject to Contract

November 19, 2019|

The Visa Subject to Contract is aimed at foreigners traveling to Chile to comply with an employment contract. This visa may also be granted to those who are in the national territory and who intend to settle in the country for the same purpose. [...]

804, 2019

New Contribution System for Self-Employed Workers

April 8, 2019|

As of February 2019, a new law for independent workers is in force, which modifies the norms of compulsory incorporation to the social security for workers who issue professional services invoices, establishing a gradual mechanism for the payment of [...]

2203, 2019

Immigration Bill Update

March 22, 2019|

The bill, presented in 2013 by the executive, was approved by the Chilean Chamber of Deputies on January 16 of this year and sent to the Senate for its second constitutional procedure. The initiative proposes an update to the regulations [...]

2401, 2019

Municipal Patents in Chile

January 24, 2019|

First we need to ask, what is a Municipal Patent? It’s a necessary permission to carry out any commercial activity that needs a permanent location. It’s granted by the municipality where the activity is carried out or the business [...]

1210, 2018

Supreme Court Comments on the Migration Law Draft

October 12, 2018|

On May 20th of 2013, president Sebastián Piñera introduced a migration bill with the purpose of replacing the current regulation about the matter, which dates from 1975. A few months later that same year, the congress ordered the Supreme Court [...]