I.- Foreign Investor Rut

Not only foreign companies or legal entities need to identify themselves before the Internal Revenue Service to be able to carry out acts of commerce, the same happens for Foreign Natural Persons. Thus, all foreigners who do not have a residence in Chile or Chilean Rut must complete this procedure to make investments, form Companies, Acquire Vehicles or Real Estate.

For more information about the Foreign Investor Rut, click here.

II.- Corporate Relocation

We advise and process Residence Permits and Work Permits for companies that require the transfer of personnel to carry out their work in Chile.

We provide our service teams and managers alike, making the processing both in Chile and in the consulates of Chile Abroad.

III.- Labour law for Foreign workers

We provide labor and social security advice focused on the specific treatment of foreign workers under Chilean law.

We participate both in the of hiring foreign workers and in contentious processes initiated by the Labor Inspection or the Ministry of the Interior.

IV.- Visas or Residence Permits

In Chile there are about 15 different cases that enable a foreign citizen to acquire residence in our country. Here we highlight for example the Residence for Investment in Chile, or the Residence for retirees or Rentistas.

We have a specialized team to identify and process the relevant residence permit, managing both in Chile and in foreign consulates.

To review specific cases and frequently asked questions associated with Chilean VISA applications, click here. 

V.- Pro-Bono

As a team, we understand the responsibility and privileged position that our service has acquired to guide the foreign community interested in settling in Chile.

Thus, we strive to make free, orderly and accurate dissemination of information related to the migration field. On the other hand, we also focus on answering pro-bono inquiries addressed directly to our firm, effectively answering more than 3,500 requests for direct information during 2018.

B Corporation

All the above has been strengthened after certifying us as pending B Corporation. Through this organization we have been able to make alliances with other international firms that share the vision of positive impact that our work should offer.

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    Note: Our company exclusively offers consulting, information and processing for the incorporation of persons and enterprises into Chile. Without prejudge for guidance, we do not directly offer job interviews or work contracts to our clients. As a matter of fact we don’t encourage anyone to buy or sell a job contract, as this act is considered illegal and fraudulent.

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